We are a bespoke music house working on the cutting edge of creating new sounds out of incorporating traditional Afro inspired musical elements and electronic music  elements for a resultant sound that is genre-free, boundless, and sonically nomadic.

Founded by Xpect, a New York City Avant Garde electronic music composer/visual creative  who has worked with several award winning artists over the years , most notably multi-grammy award winning singer Alicia Keys,  our goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of storytelling via sound for artistic delivery, film, television, Ads, The hospitality industry, and more.

Our team have lived and performed music around the globe , and also come from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds that are reflected in our art.

Feel free to browse through samples of our work on the Art page. For further queries in regards to a project you may have or so, we would be glad to hear from you and can be reached below or at get@theafroelectronic.com .